Do What Is Right

Widelity has one clear and unambiguous objective: to do what is right.


This commitment is enshrined in our Widelity Code of Ethics, and while it was originally written with client interactions in mind, we understand that the events leading to today’s nationwide protests and civil unrest – the senseless deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile, and so many others before them – now demand more of us.  We believe these needless tragedies compel us, therefore, to make a clear statement, to acknowledge the specific and even systemic challenges minorities have faced, and to make a commitment to do our part to affect change and to uplift and support these historically disadvantaged communities.

We at Widelity respect the dignity of every individual and we embrace diversity and change.  We want to foster a workplace that promotes inclusion as well as racial and ethnic diversity – it makes us stronger and better as a team.  We want to constantly evolve and embrace new ideas and perspectives.  And we stand firmly and together behind the principles and practices of fairness, inclusivity, and non-discrimination.

What That Means

But what does that mean, in practical terms?  It means Widelity will do three things:

Make a Statement

Widelity supports creating both a workplace and a world free of discrimination, where we practice fairness, inclusion, and equity for all, regardless of race, gender, identity, age, or sexual orientation.  We are listening, and we pledge to our employees that we will continue to listen.  We are now, more than ever, keenly aware of the specific obstacles and challenges faced by people of color.  It is our intent as a company to acknowledge those hurdles, and to work with our employees, clients, and communities to help overcome them.

Make an Effort

Widelity acknowledges that not all our employees face the same climate of fear and discrimination as others over their life experiences, either at any time in the past, or regrettably, today. We will therefore work to identify programs and resources to help train our staff on diversity and inclusion best practices in the workplace, so that we may offer our colleagues and clients the environment of fairness and inclusivity they all deserve.

Make a Contribution

Widelity will provide financial support to select 501(c)(3) organizations that improve the lives and opportunities of minorities in this country, through investments in education, training, and other charitable community endeavors.