Support for Broadcast Stations

We offer a wide range of services that can augment and help your local station personnel.  Our broadcast team is comprised of experienced people who work with over 450 TV and FM stations and cable systems.

Contact us at or   703-934-2038


How we can help

Widelity can provide an experienced TV station manager who can manage your stations while you find a permanent station manager.

If your Online Public Information Files (OPIF) are not up to date or have gaps, you may face significant fines from the FCC.  Our experienced staff can help bring station OPIF files into compliance 

Once Widelity has brought your OPIF files into compliance, we can help maintain them to make sure that any FCC reviews will meet your needs.

We can coordinate a security review of a station’s physical and virtual security protocols.  This can include the physical and virtual broadcast plant. 

There are very specific requirements for security, signage and facility warnings.  We can help you determine if your tower facility is compliant and, if not, provided a remedial program to bring your facility into compliance. 

ATSC 3.0 is coming to stations across America.  We can help you prepare and determine what upgrades and strategy you need to implement a successful transition.