Compliance and Regulatory

Public programs can be of enormous benefit to your organization, but taking advantage of what they offer can be a costly, complex, and daunting prospect. Conforming to policies, rules, standards, and laws requires experienced people equipped with processes and systems to ensure regulatory compliance. Widelity can help. Our Compliance Teams mitigate risk and alleviate the confusion and uncertainty of process adherence and reimbursement assurance by working collaboratively on program submissions, certifications, monitoring and reporting, and allow our clients to concentrate on their work – providing products and services to their customers and growing their business. Widelity helps you fully leverage public programs and navigate evolving regulatory environments successfully with minimal disruption to your mission – and your revenue.

Broadcast Repack

Widelity facilitates program reimbursement for full power and Class A stations, with services including 399 development with station engineering, modifications and budget adjustment, vendor Invoice compliance management, management of FCC issues, and providing expenses and plans communications service to the FCC on behalf of broadcast clientele.

Cell tower
Communications Tower

Spectrum License Preservation

Wireless spectrum licenses across the country, frequently purchased at great cost, are often set to expire before their license holders can fully establish their network presence and/or service. In some cases, much of the value of companies holding these licenses are tied to the wireless spectrum assets themselves; these companies must protect their highly-valued licenses, and oftentimes require an executable program and service partner for meeting Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Substantial Service and License Renewal requirements within a short timeframe.

Clients for this program include LMDS spectrum holders in the United States who provide broadband wireless services to the wireless and wireline communications service provider, business and government markets. Widelity is regularly engaged to design and execute preservation solutions prior to the market license renewal deadlines, providing everything from engineering and program management support, to site acquisition services, to full turnkey network deployments.

Spectrum Acquisition Strategy

Widelity puts its subject matter expertise to work for clients wishing to acquire spectrum to help them select the optimal asset solution for their network. Our wireless network engineers, planners, backhaul specialists, and market researchers team up to provide our clients with scenarios, mapping, forecasts, and recommendations to ensure they initiate acquisitions with maximum data & market information.

Engineering Hands
Widelity Whiteboard

Public Grant Support

We recognize how daunting public grant application processes can be, and can provide support in crafting responses and compiling applications as you seek to grow your organization’s volume and revenue. Our engineers, program managers, and researchers work with your team to create compelling narratives to give your organization the best chance at securing the funding you need.

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