Alternative Connect America Cost Model (ACAM-II)

The Federal Communications Commission’s Alternative Connect America Cost Model (ACAM) broadband initiative provides $4.9 billion in support for maintaining, improving and expanding affordable rural broadband. Eligible carriers must offer at least one commercial voice and one commercial broadband service that meets the service requirements and the yearly broadband deployment milestones. For the A-CAM II project, there are complex, quarterly reporting requirements that are required for compliance as well as audits and compliance investigations. Some of the reporting requirements include submitting geolocated broadband deployment data, filing FCC Form 481, submitting FCC Form 507 and certification of compliance with High Cost funding regulations. 

Value Widelity can Provide

Widelity is a leading provider of consulting solutions for government compliance work. For the last four years, we have navigated this process and worked with the FCC helping our clients with compliance regulations. Widelity would be happy to assist your company in all of these reporting requirements so your company can stay in compliance with the rules and regulations as you continue along in this project. 


For more information on how we can support you please contact us at info@widelity.com.