FEMA Covid-19 Funds

FEMA Public Assistance Program for COVID-19 Funds

The CARES Act provided FEMA with $45 billion in Disaster Relief Funds. These funds are available for local governments to help with costs related to emergency protective measures conducted as a result of COVID-19. Submitting for these FEMA funds does not follow the typical FEMA process of reimbursement, rather local Office of Emergency Management (OEM) staff must submit for reimbursement themselves. The reimbursement process requires OEM’s to complete various amounts of documentation, explanations of activities and an itemized summary report.  

Value Widelity can Provide

Widelity is a leading provider of consulting services in Governmental Compliance and Reimbursement. We are partnering with local Offices of Emergency Management (OEM) to assist counties with their submissions for reimbursement. As this is not standard procedure for OEM staff, the assistance Widelity provides will ease the way towards reimbursement.  As the assistance Widelity provides with paperwork is also reimbursable by FEMA, this not only makes the process easier, but cost-effective for our clients. Allow Widelity to submit your information and explanations of work on your behalf so your county can have the funds they need to fight COVID-19. 

For more information on how we can support you please contact us at info@widelity.com.