Network and IT Operations

Widelity has the proven track record and experience in developing highly effective and responsive Network and IT Operations organizations using its own proven methodology to assess, design, and implement successful operations models at all levels.

Areas of Expertise

  • Operations Framework Development
  • Sourcing Solutions

Operations Framework Development

Our team works closely with our customers to understand in detail the operations services that must be delivered with high availability. We then build the framework that is right for the customers’ business requirements by designing the necessary operations processes, identifying and implementing the platform and tools supporting process automation and enabling rapid response, and developing an operations organization of people with the necessary skills to manage and deliver the overall framework. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach, as it must be developed for the customers’ business objectives and unique service requirements to work effectively.

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Sourcing Solutions

How often are you faced with tasks critical to the business; yet, realize that some of those tasks are not necessarily related to the skill sets of your current staff? Widelity assists clients in identifying the best way for a company to perform those tasks by determining whether they could better be performed by someone else. With Sourcing Solutions, Widelity provides sourcing evaluation and selection. This is a way for Widelity to help clients determine whether there is more value in co-sourcing or outsourcing certain functions and tasks to a third party compared to maintaining the responsibility in house.

By identifying core and non-core business functions and mapping staff skills to those functions, Widelity quickly identifies key business functions as candidates for further analysis with the following actions:

    • Requirements identification for functional, task, or service delivery,
    • Evaluation of client’s capability for inhouse support (make vs. buy),
    • Identification of third-party service providers (SPs) who meet the requirements,
    • Development and management of a request for proposal (RFP) distributed to select SPs,
    • Final evaluation of candidate SPs working closely with the client’s team,
    • Recommended selection, negotiation of pricing & SLAs, and management of transition to SP

If you are wondering whether certain business tasks could be better done by a third party or are thinking about engaging a third party to provide support for business functions, contact us today.

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