Technology Strategy

Through our domain expertise in launching next generation products and services combined with human-centered approaches, Widelity empowers our clients to thrive in the future; today! Widelity works with technology driven companies in all stages of industry and life cycles. We align with leaders in joint solutioning of use cases and think through how a performance shaped organizational design, improved sourcing strategies, and refined marketing analysis can help them maintain, or even increase, their competitive advantage.

Areas of Expertise

  • Market Analysis
  • PMO
  • M&A Support
  • Sourcing Strategies

Market Analysis

Widelity’s staff is comprised of wireless industry professionals whose careers were spent in the nascent and then rapidly evolving wireless and internet industries. Our team members contributed to the development of cellular from 1G to 4G/LTE, from the advent of niche “car phones” to the mass-market smart phones which are central to life and culture today. The technical and market knowledge gained from many years of experience have armed us to become expert consultants and advisors for clients who are exploring new markets, products or business models.

Within the Market Analysis practice, we have done assessments of trends, competition and positioning. We have introduced clients to potential partners and assisted with structuring strategic and commercial partnerships. We have developed Business Plans and also checked key assumptions for existing plans. We have conducted Market Studies, on demand, market size, product potential. Because our team comes from various disciplines – engineering, marketing, finance, regulatory, operations – we can provide a holistic approach to evaluating business opportunities, risks and threats.

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Business Planning Metting


Widelity provides Program and Project Management to clients implementing new technology and growth initiatives, undergoing change and transformation, or just starting up. We leverage a rigorous set of process, systems, tracking, metrics, and information archiving approaches to ensure projects stay on track; through matrix management, communications coordination, and financial planning, budgeting, and reporting, Widelity shepherds growth & change management initiatives all the way to successful completion. While project management requires initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and completing tasks and work to achieve a set of goals and success criteria within a specific timeline, there is no doubt that the elements of scope, quality, and cost can be challenging to manage. Our clients understand it’s easier to achieve two than all three, but Widelity does it. Our consistent and predictable models for PMO performance have been a proven driver of success over many years of service to our clients.

M&A Support

Mergers and acquisitions typically involve a substantial amount of due diligence. Widelity consultants understand that there is more to a successful corporate integration than just legal and financial considerations; a company’s service delivery, back office operations, client engagement, product strategy, reporting structure, and much more can prove either obstacles or on-ramps. We provide realistic, unvarnished assessments and advice on where your challenges and opportunities await.

Business Advisory Services
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Sourcing Strategies

Organizations will occasionally recognize that the capabilities supported by current systems and staff sometimes fall short of tasks critical to the business. Within the Sourcing Strategies business practice, Widelity offers Sourcing Selection support and guidance to those looking to maximize resources and streamline operations to focus on core business. Widelity helps clients determine the best strategy to maximize value to the client, whether in outsourcing to a third party or building and maintaining the capabilities and responsibilities in house.

Widelity performs a make versus buy/lease analysis for our clients by working to understand their lines of business, missions, and objectives; we identify all requirements critical to successful delivery of core and non-core business functions, matching them to candidate Managed Services Providers (MSPs) who are able to provide these services to the client at a lower cost, more efficiently, or both. Our consultants will make recommendations for each targeted business function, and always work closely with our clients’ procurement teams to negotiate final contracts and service agreements with selected vendors, all leading to management of the successful transition to the new solutions, including staff communications, solution deliverables review, client acceptance, and final implementation.

Resources & Case Studies

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