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The client needed to support a product which was not part of the company’s core business model, and which was being developed for a single, critically important customer. Technical design and specifications of the product were being developed by the client, however all business processes and systems required to support the ordering, provisioning, activation, trouble ticketing, billing, and crediting needed to be defined and developed. Supporting documentation and project management in support of these processes were also required.


Utilizing ITIL standards and training, and its broad knowledge and experience in telecommunications operations to support services, the Widelity team was able to quickly step in and develop process flows and system requirements to kick start the product offering. Widelity worked closely with the client’s customer to ensure alignment of business processes with the master service agreement, and to develop business cases, and market roll out plans. Once the solution was developed, Widelity remained in place to train, implement and support the new product.


The client was able to utilize existing systems with minor modifications and little capital expenditure in order to support:

  • Receiving and processing orders
  • Data-basing and provisioning service
  • Billing and invoicing the revenue
  • Trouble ticketing and SLA reporting

The process flows were directly mapped to follow the use of the client’s systems, as well as describe the tasks necessary to complete the work to be used as Help Aids. Widelity trained the staff performing the tasks. The work and documentation that Widelity submitted was not only used in support of the product in question, but as a template for other product development work that subsequently took place. The client used the following Widelity services for this solution:

  • Project and Program Management
  • Business Consulting
  • Business Development

Though not a core service, the product will, over time, add millions of dollars in revenue to the client’s bottom line every year.

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