Healthcare Technology

Healthcare Information Technology (IT) Assessment

Health Care Services Provider Challenge/Opportunity Widelity was contracted to perform a comprehensive IT assessment for a client undergoing rapid growth in products and service regions. The client recognized it required a corresponding investment in upgrading […]

Project Management

CLEC Third-Party Analysis

LEC Challenge/Opportunity Managing and monitoring cost of circuits with outside vendors (LEC) is critical for telecommunication companies. Widelity observed that a CLEC needed to implement tracking of leased circuits to ensure they were still being […]

Airplane Wifi

Operations Development for 4G Aviation Network

(Air-to-Ground) Aviation Services Provider Challenge/Opportunity The client was starting deployment of a nationwide 4G network to provide bi-directional data and voice services to the leased and private aircraft market. Given the need to ensure end-to-end […]

Oss Dashboard

Network Service Assurance and Network Performance Analysis

Major Broadband Company Challenge/OpportunityA Broadband company (Internet, movies, voice) with a national footprint and rapid growth cycles was experiencing network disruption and capacity challenges, with network reports available every 3-4 days with 50% data accuracy. […]

Satellite Dish

MSS Operations Process Development

MSS & Telephony Services Provider Challenge/OpportunityCreate, develop, and implement the key operations model required to ensure successful service support and delivery for a mobile satellite (MSS) / telephony services provider. The client was preparing to […]