Accounting Application

Quote to Cash

Revenue Fulfillment: Re-engineering the “Quote to Cash” Process Challenge/Opportunity Once a sale is closed, revenue should be a guarantee. Right? More often than not, companies struggle to quickly move from sales “forecast” to actualized revenue […]

Widelity Productivity

NPI Business Processes

New Product Support Challenge/Opportunity The client needed to support a product which was not part of the company’s core business model, and which was being developed for a single, critically important customer. Technical design and […]

Mobile Technology Screen

Growth Strategy & Transition Plan

Mobile Telephony Carrier Challenge/OpportunityUrgent need for a mobile carrier to develop strategy and transition plan to grow from a small company to a larger footprint; in both scale and scope. SolutionTo enable the client to […]

Project & Financial Control

Major Tower Company Challenge/Opportunity Accurate and timely financial reporting is critical for any company, especially one in a quickly changing industry such as telecommunications. After merging with First Avenue Networks in August 2006, it became […]