rural broadband

CBRS Rural Broadband Initiative

Market Entrance Strategy Development Challenge/Opportunity Widelity engaged with a nationwide Tier 1 satellite service provider to analyze county specific entrance bidding strategy pertinent to FCC Auction 105, the auction of Priority Access Licenses (PALs) in […]

teamwork meeting

Managed Sourcing Strategies

Rapid Growth SMB Challenge/Opportunity Widelity was contracted to provide Sourcing Selection Services for a client undergoing rapid growth in products, infrastructure, and staff. The challenge for the client was to rapidly evolve from a relatively […]

Commercial Airline

Wifi Strategy for Major Airline

Major US Airline Challenge/Opportunity A major U.S. airline was a pioneer in in-flight connectivity through its offering of Gogo service, but the service quality is poor; the company wanted to evaluate all its options for […]

Healthcare Technology

Healthcare Information Technology (IT) Assessment

Health Care Services Provider Challenge/Opportunity Widelity was contracted to perform a comprehensive IT assessment for a client undergoing rapid growth in products and service regions. The client recognized it required a corresponding investment in upgrading […]

Connected City 2

IoT Solutions

Industrial IoT Solutions Provider Challenge/Opportunity Our client, through its subsidiary, was invited by its partner satellite operator to build a high-speed satellite L-band terminal based on the partner’s BGAN radio module (BRM), and wanted a […]

Site Engineer

International Construction Management, PCS Tower, and Infrastructure

Caribbean Tower Company Challenge/Opportunity Evaluate early planning, RF network design and selected tower systems and locations in support of site acquisition, site prep and tower I infrastructure construction based on pre-established planning. Construction manager to […]

Hospital Photo

In-Building Wireless Public Safety Enhancement

EMS & State Government Challenge/Opportunity Clear and available mobile communication is of paramount importance in emergency situations. A progressive program in Montgomery County, Maryland requires, by law, that all new public buildings in the county […]


Data Reconciliation

Telecommunications Company Challenge/Opportunity The telecommunications industry has many components that need to be constantly reviewed to ensure data integrity and revenue compliance. Data integrity provides the ability to effectively manage customers, as well as analyze […]

Google on Mobile

Google Apps Migration

Non-Profit Organization Challenge/Opportunity A Washington, DC-based non-profit organization had been experiencing repeated outages in November with their internally-hosted Microsoft Exchange email platform and needed assistance with finding a solution. Year-end contributions in December are a […]