Small Satellite Picture

Business plan for Satellite Communications Provider

Global Satellite Communications Provider Challenge/Opportunity Our client was seeking to do major capital raise with financial investors and wanted to validate its business plan assumptions.  The client is a global communications company based in Tysons […]

Cell Phone Tower

Compliance Broadcast Repack

Broadcast Stations Challenge/Opportunity Almost 1,000 broadcast stations must change the frequency on which they broadcast.  The FCC will reimburse the stations for many of the expenses that they incur in the process of frequency transition.  […]

Mobile Phone

Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) Business Development

Cellular Network Operator Challenge/Opportunity Our client is a cellular network operator, based in the mid-Atlantic, with ambitions to develop a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) business through roaming.  The company is working to target IoT […]

Microwave Backhaul

Carrier Grade Microwave

Widelity Extends a Fiber Optic Carrier’s Network with Carrier Grade Microwave Challenge/Opportunity A regional fiber carrier in Texas needed to expand rapidly to provide rural backhaul services to a 4G wireless carrier.  While the ultimate […]

Aerospace Technology

Market Research for Phased Array Antenna Manufacturer

Aerospace Technology Manufacturer Challenge/Opportunity With a long history of building smart Phased Array Antennas for US Government customers, a US-based manufacturer of spacecraft, components, and instruments for national defense, civil space and commercial space applications […]

Widelity Whiteboard

WSP Network and Facilities Optimization

Increase Capacity & Eliminate Facilities for Wireless Service Provider Challenge/Opportunity National wireless service provider desires to reduce leased facilities cost and increase backhaul capacity for 3G and future 4G wireless base station sites using broadband […]

Building WiFi

WiFi Design Engineering and Deployment

Large Office Tower Challenge/Opportunity Tenants in a large, urban office tower were enduring a consistently poor mobile user experience and low signal quality (as well as outright gaps) in their wireless connectivity.  Access Points were […]

Wireless Spectrum License Preservation Programs

LMDS Spectrum Holders Challenge/Opportunity Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) fixed wireless spectrum licenses in more than 100+ markets across the country were set to expire in mid-2008. These licenses were purchased at auction several years […]

Cell Phone

Tier 2 Service Provider Startup Launch

Tier 2 Service Provider Challenge/Opportunity Re-establish an operating company to deploy and manage a 24 & 39 GHz nationwide wireless network, and successfully exit within two years with a sale to a major wireless carrier. […]

Project Management

CLEC Third-Party Analysis

LEC Challenge/Opportunity Managing and monitoring cost of circuits with outside vendors (LEC) is critical for telecommunication companies. Widelity observed that a CLEC needed to implement tracking of leased circuits to ensure they were still being […]