rural broadband

CBRS Rural Broadband Initiative

Market Entrance Strategy Development Challenge/Opportunity Widelity engaged with a nationwide Tier 1 satellite service provider to analyze county specific entrance bidding strategy pertinent to FCC Auction 105, the auction of Priority Access Licenses (PALs) in […]

Site Engineer

International Construction Management, PCS Tower, and Infrastructure

Caribbean Tower Company Challenge/Opportunity Evaluate early planning, RF network design and selected tower systems and locations in support of site acquisition, site prep and tower I infrastructure construction based on pre-established planning. Construction manager to […]

Hospital Photo

In-Building Wireless Public Safety Enhancement

EMS & State Government Challenge/Opportunity Clear and available mobile communication is of paramount importance in emergency situations. A progressive program in Montgomery County, Maryland requires, by law, that all new public buildings in the county […]

Microwave Backhaul

Carrier Grade Microwave

Widelity Extends a Fiber Optic Carrier’s Network with Carrier Grade Microwave Challenge/Opportunity A regional fiber carrier in Texas needed to expand rapidly to provide rural backhaul services to a 4G wireless carrier.  While the ultimate […]

Widelity Whiteboard

WSP Network and Facilities Optimization

Increase Capacity & Eliminate Facilities for Wireless Service Provider Challenge/Opportunity National wireless service provider desires to reduce leased facilities cost and increase backhaul capacity for 3G and future 4G wireless base station sites using broadband […]

Building WiFi

WiFi Design Engineering and Deployment

Large Office Tower Challenge/Opportunity Tenants in a large, urban office tower were enduring a consistently poor mobile user experience and low signal quality (as well as outright gaps) in their wireless connectivity.  Access Points were […]

Project Management

CLEC Third-Party Analysis

LEC Challenge/Opportunity Managing and monitoring cost of circuits with outside vendors (LEC) is critical for telecommunication companies. Widelity observed that a CLEC needed to implement tracking of leased circuits to ensure they were still being […]

Oss Dashboard

Network Service Assurance and Network Performance Analysis

Major Broadband Company Challenge/Opportunity A Broadband company (Internet, movies, voice) with a national footprint and rapid growth cycles was experiencing network disruption and capacity challenges, with network reports available every 3-4 days with 50% data […]

Building Wireframe 1700

Neutral Host Distributed Antenna System

Federal Government: Museum Challenge/Opportunity A museum was building a landmark, high-profile facility in Washington DC. The building exterior is about 90% sheet metal, which would effectively eliminate any radio signals entering the building. Lack of […]