CBRS Rural Broadband Initiative

Market Entrance Strategy Development


Widelity engaged with a nationwide Tier 1 satellite service provider to analyze county specific entrance bidding strategy pertinent to FCC Auction 105, the auction of Priority Access Licenses (PALs) in the CBRS band. Upon successful execution of this strategy, the client will take an important step in furthering deployment of fifth-generation wireless, the Internet of Things, and other advanced spectrum-based services in the United States.


The project scope comprised detailed technical and financial analysis of specific Area of Interest (AOI) in about 10+ counties in the United States, dispersed nationwide. Widelity developed the engineering design guidelines, executed the initial RF design and conducted the technical analysis. Subsequently, this technical analysis led to the development of a comprehensive financial model for the client to make a go/no-go decision on market entry. Note, Widelity facilitated supplier discussions to validate Tier 1 and Tier 2 OEM costs for financial model integrity.


Development of Engineering Design Guidelines and Specifications

  • Technology – LTE (TDD); Band – CBRS Band (20 MHz+20 MHz – Carrier Aggregation)
  • Transmitter and CPE specifications – Power, Gain, Height, Modulation, # of Radio Paths
  • Tools: RF Design work station, Digital Terrain Maps, Census Data.

Initial RF Design and Technical Analysis

  • Design power budget targeting CPE end user
  • Evaluate sites per terrain, clutter, and population consideration. Developed appropriate D/L and U/L coverage plots and associated RF Key Performance Indicator (KPI) such as coverage prediction (RSRP), Signal To Noise Ratio (SINR), modulation, and throughput (D/L and U/L), and % POPs covered
  • Supply best backhaul options per site under consideration and perform capacity analysis

Constructed network build financial model for initial Return of Investment (ROI) and cost per subscriber assessment, among other financial metrics and KPIs. Key drivers for the financial model being:

  • CBRS licensing considerations
  • Infrastructure Costs (Hardware and S/W) – Devices, RAN/Backhaul/Core Network, and OSS/BSS
  • Services Costs – Design and Planning: RAN, Access, Core; Site Acquisition: Leases/Real Estate Entitlements; Deployment – Site Surveys, Drive Testing, and Installation and Commissioning; Miscellaneous – Tool-Kits and consumable materials

Identified and assess Tier 1 and Tier 2 OEM infrastructure and solution offerings specific to client requirements via series of round table meeting discussions facilitated by Widelity.

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