CLEC Third-Party Analysis



Managing and monitoring cost of circuits with outside vendors (LEC) is critical for telecommunication companies. Widelity observed that a CLEC needed to implement tracking of leased circuits to ensure they were still being utilized, and was engaged to ensure the company was paying only for active and revenue-generating services.


Widelity provided data analysis services to review port status on DSL circuits being leased from 3rd party suppliers, and then worked with various vendors to determine the need for the underlying circuits, and any impact to customer if status was in question. Widelity provided project management in taking ownership of critical financial control functions. This effort attributed to the disconnect of over 2000 unused circuits and yielded a monthly cost savings of over 100K per month.


Utilizing Process Management, Revenue Assurance practices, and Project Management, Widelity ensured this effort yielded a significant monthly cost savings  – of over $100K per month.

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