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Almost 1,000 broadcast stations must change the frequency on which they broadcast.  The FCC will reimburse the stations for many of the expenses that they incur in the process of frequency transition.  The federal reimbursement process requires a very specific set of parameters, and Widelity provides that required compliance service to our broadcast clients.   


Widelity created a top team of professionals who are well-versed in the reimbursement requirements, and can assist our clients with the process (and speed the process) of getting reimbursed.  We review each of the items submitted for reimbursements from the clients; if the submitted material is not correctly presented, we work with the client and the client’s vendors to get the invoices in a form where they can be reimbursed.   If the FCC still has an issue with the submissions, we have a team dedicated to correcting the submissions.  


Our services are reimbursable by the FCC, and we provide a necessary value-add to stations who may not have either the skill sets or personnel to successfully process the materials and administrative taskings for reimbursement.

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