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The telecommunications industry has many components that need to be constantly reviewed to ensure data integrity and revenue compliance. Data integrity provides the ability to effectively manage customers, as well as analyze cost to provide services and manage any underlying cost with outside vendors.

As with most companies, outside vendors are utilized to help deliver and provide services the underlying end customer. These vendors need to be monitored on a regular basis to ensure that the services provided are being fully utilized. Widelity worked with a telecommunications company that had several leased circuits, which in turn provided the capability for them to provide services their end user. These circuits needed to be audited to ensure that each leased circuit was active and being billed through to an end customer, was flagged as an internal circuit, or flagged for possible disconnect. They needed to be reconciled from LEC invoicing through to end user billing.


Widelity developed reconciliation requirements and reporting to create a LEC circuit audit. This audit consisted of locating each active LEC circuit, identifying the circuits corresponding circuit in provisioning systems then validating that they could be located in an end user billing system. Once the linkage of the leased circuits was established, Widelity was able to create reports which bucketized the circuits into tiers confidence in order to more effectively prioritize and analyze the data.


Widelity successfully worked with the customers business units and IT team to reach a 92% match rate of the leased circuits. We then worked with the various group to not only identify significant cost savings, over 80K per month, but to also identify revenue opportunities by locating services that were not being billed yet had active services.

Widelity worked with the various teams to take the audit a step further and develop cost margin reporting, which would allow several different business units understand the cost of services compared to the amount of revenue generated at a circuit, service locations, and customer level.

We are continuing to work with the client to implement changes to processes and enhance the reporting to monitor compliance on a regular basis. We are also enhancing the reporting to identify grooming opportunities for each of the leased circuits onto on-net buildings.

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