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Widelity’s Compliance & Regulatory team provides Compliance and Funding Consulting Services (CFCS) to entities seeking grants and other financial support. Attaining government funding can be a headache, but our team is here to help!

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What is CFCS?

Obtaining government funding is a complex process and can be a burden on your administrative staff. By providing Compliance and Consulting Funding Services, we can ease that burden and improve your results. Use our support to write and submit your application, complete any reporting and documentation requirements, and ensure compliance with all guidelines.

Our Business Development Team

Our Compliance & Regulatory team is ready to help! Reach out to us and we’ll work with you to get the funding support you deserve.

Mikael Erwin in Business Development, Research and Outreach
Mikael Erwin
Senior Manager for Business Development
Fiona Mooney, Research
Fiona Mooney
Research Analyst
Olivia Mcpherson in Business Development, Research and Outreach
Olivia McPherson
Research Analyst
Caitlin Withington in Business Development, Graphic Design and Technical Writing
Caitlin Withington
Technical Writing & Design
Kevin Sheingold, research and outreach at Widelity
Kevin Sheingold
Outreach Coordinator

Learn with Widelity

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What We Do

Widelity Services: Grant qualification, preparing documentation, grant application
Widelity's services: Invoice reimbursement, reporting, and compliance

Noteworthy Funding Metrics

$400 Million in Client Reimbursements
Client Reimbursements to Date
$2.5B slated in future reimbursements
On Track for Upcoming Reimbursements
150k Documents processed by our team
Documents Processed by Our Team
6K successfully completed RFIs
Successfully Completed RFIs

Our CFCS Performance Record

Successful client-focused initiatives:

  • FCC Broadcast Incentive Auction
  • FCC Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Reimbursement
  • SBA Shuttered Venue Operators Grant (SVOG) Program
  • NTIA Connecting Minority Communities (CMC) Program

Our Competitive Advantage

Widelity’s support provides increased efficiency to the application and reimbursement process. Our funding and consulting services may save up to 75% of Administrative costs. This can lead to total administrative cost savings of up to 30% over the life of a program. 

Flowchart describing Widelity's benefit in the grant application process

Our Funding Programs of Interest

  • Middle Mile Grant Program
  • Reconnect Program
  • Broadband Equity Access & Deployment (BEAD) Program
  • Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program
  • Enhancing Grid Resilience Program 
  • Civil Nuclear Credit Program
  • AF Charging & Refueling Program
  • EV Charging Program

Downloadable Program Info PDFs

For key programs from IIJA, we’ve created a Program Information PDF (PIP) to dive deeper into each unique funding opportunity’s eligibility criteria, available funds, reporting requirements, and other details. Click on any image below to direct download a PIP. If you have any questions, reach out to us for additional information.

Please note: Images in gray are pending publication and will be released as we complete our research.

Funding Onboarding Process

Onboarding Process: Call, Review Proposal, Sign, and Begin Our Services

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Yes, but we offer much more than that. Widelity has not only established professional connections with federal agencies and prominent suppliers, we actively develop and maintain our knowledge of the current landscape of government funding. We are compliance experts who provide support through every phase of a government program, from application to post-award reporting.

Most programs include a percentage of funds that can be used for pre-application expenses, project management, and reporting. Eligibility for coverage is dependent on the program, scope, timing, and type of services required, and must be written into the submitted budget. We will make it clear in our preliminary discussions whether reimbursement is likely so that you can make an informed decision.

Widelity’s services reduce the time to reimbursement by anticipating and eliminating delays as much as possible. We familiarize ourselves with a program’s ins and outs, the technical requirements of the application, any documentation needed, and the best practices of the governing body disbursing the funds to find the most direct route between you and the funding you need.

There are three phases of engagement with Widelity: The application phase, the curative phase, and the post-award phase. Widelity can assist you in facing the challenges of each step of the process and reducing delays caused by filing or compliance issues. We will begin with a consultation to establish your needs and how our services will best benefit your project.

While we keep things simple by assigning you a direct contact, all of Widelity’s team is dedicated to completing the work for your project in a timely manner. Our skilled team members coordinate behind the scenes to ensure accurate and prompt processing of documents.

Widelity advocates for our clients on a daily basis. We work closely with fund administrators and our contacts within agencies to navigate funding obstacles and find alternatives that remain fully within the confines of program requirements. Widelity uses our many years of experience to achieve client needs in a way that is ethical and capable of withstanding audits, reviews, and government oversight.

We have recorded a deep dive into the process of broadband funding, from selecting the best program for your intended service area to planning your buildout and correctly maintaining records. Click the link to view.

Questions? Email us and we’ll get back to you promptly! We look forward to hearing from you.