Market Analysis for a Start-up doing Industrial IoT Monitoring by Satellite

Satellite Company

The Client, a start-up satellite operator based in Australia, has ambitions to create a network of low-earth orbit nanosatellites to capture and deliver industrial IoT data for agricultural, industrial, environmental, and other clients worldwide. The Company needed assistance with raising money and with understand and establishing itself in the satellite industry.

Widelity conducted research and prepared a report entitled “Market Study on Global Remote Industrial IoT Market” which assessed market size for satellite-based monitoring of Industrial IoT sensors worldwide. The Report went in the Client’s document room, to support their fundraising activities, as back-up validation for their Business Plan. Following delivery of the Market Study Report, Widelity transitioned into a second phase of activity which included introducing the client to legacy satellite operators and other players in the satellite & IoT ecosystems, to speed up and guide their partnership development activities. Widelity also worked for several months building a preliminary pipeline of end-user customer in the United States for the Fleet monitoring service – including companies in smart agriculture, aquaculture, environmental monitoring, forestry, and other industries which are remote but need to monitor large numbers of “things.”

Widelity’s market study in support of the Client’s business plan, helped the Client close its Series A fund-raising activities. Widelity’s introductions helped the Client open meaningful dialogues with over 10 potential partners including the leading legacy satellite operators, as well as terminal and antenna providers, and several funding groups. Widelity Capabilities Leveraged

  • Strategic Wireless Consulting
  • Business Development

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