Lab Testing & Field Services

Widelity has been a reliable partner to carriers and product manufacturers in rolling out next generation technologies and services with a heavy emphasis on testing and integration activities across interoperability, development integration, network readiness, and field integration environments.

These engagements, augmented with Widelity’s disciplined approach to testing and integration of new hardware and software features, have fostered the development of a core nucleus of professionals skilled in lab and field testing and integration, development and execution of test strategies, and root cause analysis and diagnostics.

Widelity offers strategic recommendations and guidance to carriers and product manufacturers based on our complete end-to-end network and services testing capabilities:

Competitive & Techology Performance Benchmarking
End user experience
Network & device certification testing, validation and comparison
Regression - network and device new feature IOT
Spectrum monitoring, measurements, and analysis

Areas of Expertise

  • Lab & Field Trials
  • Network Drive Test & Benchmark

Lab & Field Trials

With commercial roll-out being planned for 5G, high-speed broadband solutions, SD-WAN, among other next generation technologies, carrier must validate the design and functionality of infrastructure equipment and compare and contrast with other available carrier grade solutions. Widelity engages with technology strategy, product and innovation teams at carriers to provide end-to-end test & integration expertise and technical leadership, ensuring trial solution is implemented effectively with the highest standards of quality assurance.  This enables carriers to make informed decisions on selecting the right solution-set based on trial execution and validate set technology objectives.
Microwave Backhaul Image
Laptop Speed Test

Network Drive Test & Benchmark

Abundant variables exist in today’s network, different RAN and packet core configurations, coupled with a myriad of devices (WiFi/LTE/OS), and executives are trying to comprehend end user experience impact of high bandwidth services on their next generation network while keeping an eye out towards the competition. This leads to the need to always measure the performance of the network.

The Widelity network drive test and benchmark capability enables carriers to evaluate performance among competitors, markets, and technologies and recommend performance changes to maintain the highest Network Quality of Service (QoS).

In essence, Widelity is called upon by service providers to prepare network and new services for commercial launch, check network and services wellness, and improve network KPIs and overall customer satisfaction.

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