Network Design & Deployment

Comprised of certified experts, Widelity focuses on architectural design and configuration of next generation networks and provides engineering and deployment expertise for the telecommunications industry.

Widelity’s network design and deployment team leverages an iterative process to develop a topological design and network realization as per customer requirements, taking into account risks, costs, and timelines involved. Emphasis is to ensure any design will survive changing network requirements and increase capita efficiency.

Our site development and construction teams offer a full range of engineering, design, construction, and turnkey services, with the knowledge and experience to handle any type of deployment project in any spectrum – both for current 4G and next generation 5G and IoT networks.

Finally, our Installation & Commissioning staff provides end-to-end test and integration expertise, ensuring our client network is deployed effectively and with the highest standards of quality assurance.

Areas of Expertise

  • Turnkey Engineering Services
  • In-Building Solutions
  • Site Development & Construction
  • Installation & Commissioning

Turnkey Engineering Services

Widelity is recognized as a thought leader in providing unique, yet practical, design-build solutions. As former operators, our leadership and project management teams have experience setting up and executing on end-to-end efforts. 

Our engineering, management, and field services teams, augmented with our strong partnership with site acquisition and construction firms, gives us the scale to operate on a national, regional, and local basis. 

We help operators reduce their time to market, maximize their cost efficiency, and maintain a high level of quality throughout the network’s lifecycle.

Site Engineer

In Building Solutions

The emergence of eMBB (Enhanced mobile broadband) and URLLC (Ultra-reliable low latency communication), coupled with new networks, drives the need for enhanced in-building coverage. This presents both opportunities and challenges to the wireless eco-system. In addition, Femtocell, Picocell, and DAS technology can provide coverage and capacity at a reasonable cost and design and implementation of in-building solutions requires new methodologies and tools.

Widelity has excellence in execution with proven success in design and deployment of in-building solutions on a global and national level for our enterprise clients, major carriers, equipment vendors and government agencies. In addition, we have serviced all types of venues: Large and small commercial buildings, stadiums, hotels, museums, and many more.

We provide a full spectrum of in-building network design and deployment services, beginning with in-building coverage assessment and analysis, RF and network engineering with site surveys, site acquisition, equipment installation and commissioning, civil construction and logistics, acceptance testing, and support and optimization.

Laptop Construction Site

Site Development & Construction

Widelity personnel are experts in engineering, surveys, real estate, project coordination, tower services, and construction management. We have a deep knowledge of network planning and site construction as well, with years of experience based on our work for major spectrum holders, carriers, and service providers. With skilled technicians, installers, and construction managers located across the US, we are well positioned to meet the needs of our clients.

Installation & Commissioning

Widelity has built an exceptional consulting services portfolio based on the principle that managing complex wireless networks requires subject matter expertise in the architecture, integration, and deployment phases.  Increasingly complex solutions demand a broad knowledge base with a focused mindset to take advantage of new developments in the wireless network lifecycle.

We provide a full spectrum of installation and network commissioning services, including network testing services with full network mapping. Our time-tested teams are experienced with most major manufacturers and equipment types; Widelity personnel are experts in engineering, testing, and turn-up services, and the management of this work at local, regional, and national levels is familiar ground for us. Our crews install and build towers and install most forms of wireless equipment from cell to microwave. We provide our clients the dedicated management, processes & procedures, systems, facilities, and reporting for a well-built network that is supported by tangible results to our clients.

Mobile Installation

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