Network Service Assurance and Network Performance Analysis

Major Broadband Company

A Broadband company (Internet, movies, voice) with a national footprint and rapid growth cycles was experiencing network disruption and capacity challenges, with network reports available every 3-4 days with 50% data accuracy. The Operations group lacked tools and processes to analyze and correlate major network availability events with churn, network capacity, network performance indicators, and network controls.

Widelity developed processes and methodologies to present NOC/ operations Performance Indicators in a real time format by creating an Executive Operations Dashboard to show the network’s pulse, Correlate network Reliability and Availability to churn, and network capacity forecasts. Also developed was a real time dashboard tool to show the near real time impact of network outages, the addition of new hardware, the effects of improved routing and catching, and capacity forecast views so CapEx investments and performance improvements can be appreciated 4 months before 85% capacity thresholds were reached. Finally Widelity created KPI collection processes and formats to supply the dashboard collection database, and designed delivery and analysis methods to produce near real-time network analysis. Once the network improvements and the dashboard outputs were looped into the Trouble Resolution and KPI cycles, the network Operations reports achieved 89% accuracy within 67 weeks.

The visibility achieved by the Dashboard allowed the company to plan expenditures, hardware purchases, streamline the maintenance and installation efforts, and to map maturity and network evolution strategies.

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