Neutral Host Distributed Antenna System

Federal Government: Museum

A museum was building a landmark, high-profile facility in Washington DC. The building exterior is about 90% sheet metal, which would effectively eliminate any radio signals entering the building. Lack of commercial wireless service would be completely unacceptable for this landmark building. Additionally, the City of Washington, DC requires ubiquitous public safety radio coverage for any new construction. The museum realized it needed a technical solution, both to resolve the coverage limitations of the commercial wireless services, and to satisfy the city’s public safety technical
requirements. Further, a technology consultant was required which could engage the wireless carriers, coordinate their cooperation, and navigate the city’s public safety coverage process.

Widelity designed a neutral host Distributed Antenna system which would be compatible with all four of the major commercial wireless carriers, as well as the City of Washington, DC’s public safety radio system. Widelity submitted designs to all four wireless carriers as well as the Office of Unified Communications for the City of Washington, DC. Widelity negotiated and incorporated design inputs
from all parties and assisted the museum in their access agreements with the wireless carriers. Widelity installed the system and managed the approval and integration process with the wireless carriers and the city. Deliverables were:

  • Design of a neutral host DAS using JMA Wireless and ADRF gear which integrated the wireless
    carriers and public safety on a single passive antenna network.
  • Carrier coordination which included satisfying all four carrier technical requirements and assisting
    with their on-site integration
  • Implementation and certification of the public safety system to Office of Unified Communications standards and allowed the building to satisfy this requirement for their certificate of occupancy.

The museum was able to contract a single partner capable of successfully navigating and implementing all phases of a neutral host distributed antenna system. The system was completed in time for the museum opening allowing museum patrons the best possible experience while touring the museum.

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