New Widelity OPIF Service Helps Stations Avoid Fines

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New Widelity Service Helps Stations Avoid Fines for Failure to Make Timely Filings

FAIRFAX, Virginia (Date)—Widelity Corporation, a professional services company, has announced its new practice division, one that could save radio and television stations thousands of dollars in FCC fines. At a time when Covid-19 staff reductions are impacting day to day operations, Widelity is providing an affordable outsourcing option to maintain compliance with FCC OPIF requirements.

As deadlines for license renewal applications approach, many broadcast stations find themselves deficient in their required online filings for political advertising, EEO compliance, updating issues/programs files, children’s programming and other areas.

Licensees can face fines for not complying with FCC rules that govern their online public inspection files (OPIF). Timely filings are important at all times, especially during election years.

“Widelity’s familiarity with FCC staff and procedures enabled us to get a very fast response to an extension request during the COVID-19 Pandemic,” said William Gerald Willis, Owner & General Manager of WFLQ Radio and Q-100 Country. “Their staff experience with what is acceptable by FCC in documentation can be of immeasurable help when an applicant just isn’t sure how to answer particular questions.”

Widelity’s new practice area offers broadcasters—particularly smaller entities—a trusted, experienced partner that can monitor and manage deadlines, handle filings, providing peace of mind and substantial savings by avoiding fines.

Mike Lasky, a Principal at Widelity, said, “We have been providing services to hundreds of broadcasters across the country. We want to provide peace of mind to our clients so they can focus on providing quality programming and service to their communities.” Jim Glogowski, OPIF Team Lead, noted that “Widelity is already serving 400 radio and television stations seeking reimbursement for channel changes required after the auction sale of the upper UHF spectrum. We look forward to extending our services to the industry to assure that they maintain compliance with FCC requirements.”

Widelity’s broadcasting staff has decades of experience in broadcast management and technical operations and has the expertise to help stations reduce deficiencies and to train local staffs in how to maintain the files on a timely basis going forward.

Widelity is focusing first on regions with imminent filing deadlines for renewals.  Any station or group that needs assistance and coaching on getting current on filings and ensuring timely future filings, contact Mike Lasky at or Jim Glogowski More information is available at

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Widelity Inc., based in Fairfax, Virginia, is a leading provider of business and network engineering consulting services for broadcasting and telecom service operators and the technology infrastructure and application development community. Leveraging people, processes, and technology, Widelity works closely with clients to align key business needs and processes with world class infrastructure, services, and technology. Understanding challenges and objectives forms the cornerstone of their client-centric solution. They employ best-of-breed technology and solid management know-how to ensure each client’s solution is delivered on time, on target, and on budget.

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