Oss Dashboard

Network Service Assurance and Network Performance Analysis

Major Broadband Company Challenge/Opportunity A Broadband company (Internet, movies, voice) with a national footprint and rapid growth cycles was experiencing network disruption and capacity challenges, with network reports available every 3-4 days with 50% data […]

Satellite Dish

MSS Operations Process Development

MSS & Telephony Services Provider Challenge/OpportunityCreate, develop, and implement the key operations model required to ensure successful service support and delivery for a mobile satellite (MSS) / telephony services provider. The client was preparing to […]

Mobile Technology Screen

Growth Strategy & Transition Plan

Mobile Telephony Carrier Challenge/OpportunityUrgent need for a mobile carrier to develop strategy and transition plan to grow from a small company to a larger footprint; in both scale and scope. SolutionTo enable the client to […]

Building Wireframe 1700

Neutral Host Distributed Antenna System

Federal Government: Museum Challenge/Opportunity A museum was building a landmark, high-profile facility in Washington DC. The building exterior is about 90% sheet metal, which would effectively eliminate any radio signals entering the building. Lack of […]

Project & Financial Control

Major Tower Company Challenge/Opportunity Accurate and timely financial reporting is critical for any company, especially one in a quickly changing industry such as telecommunications. After merging with First Avenue Networks in August 2006, it became […]

Connected, Autonomous Vehicles Are Within Sight

The auto industry is entering a period of transformation unrivaled by any other since its inception over one hundred years ago. Driven by both consumer demand and governmental regulatory policy, we are witnessing not only […]