FCC Online Public Information Files (OPIF)

FCC OPIF capture

All TV, AM and FM Stations MUST maintain up to date Online Public Information files.  Failure to maintain the OPIF files can result in significant fines, and shortened renewal periods.  Beginning in 2018 all stations must have been filing all of their files online

If your files are not upto date, or it is a burden to maintain them we can help. 

You can reach us at:  OPIF.contact@widelity.com or you can reach us directly at 703-934-2038

If your files are not up to date we can help!

If you are not actively maintaining your OPIF files the consequences can be severe for a station.     

Our services can scale to meet your compliance needs

  • Compliance – have you filed? No?  Lets fix that. 
  • Compliance Audit – Now you have some stuff in there, is it the right stuff and is it located in the proper files? We fix that.
  • Compliance Service – ongoing services to ensure filings are done and filed on time. Our team provides timely OPIF filings. 
  • Physical Location Compliance Audit – does your station know all the requirements?  We do.  Let us help you fix that. 
  • EEO Compliance – Vacancies and EEO vacancy fulfillment requirements, associated FCC reporting requirements. 
  • Vulnerability Assessment – A complete review of all compliance requirements and your stations ability to meet them.  Why risk your license? 
  • License renewal assistance – work with attorney’s for a successful renewal.